Take Action! Reform DUI Laws NOW!
Take Action! Reform DUI Laws Now!

If you are a South Dakota resident, your help is especially important!

1.  Write to Governor Daugaard:


2.  Contact your State Senator:


       and Legislator:


Specifically, ask for comprehensive DUI reforms, such as those
advocated by the Spindler Family:

  • Imposition of a "user fee" on alcohol sales to pay for enforcement

  • Adopt all recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board  report,
    “Reaching Zero: Actions to Reduce Alcohol-Impaired Driving,” released on May 14, 2013

  • Impose stiffer penalties on conviction of DUI and limit plea bargains

  • Adopt Administrative License Revocation and Vehicle Impoundment on arrest

  • Create and "Aggravated DUI" felony charge for incidents of high BAC, death or injury

  • Routinely use asset forfeiture on conviction -- take the vehicle away

Support DUI reform efforts in the media:

  • Write to your local newspaper

  • Contact local radio and TV stations

  • Post support on social media and blogs