About Maegan Elizabeth Spindler
Maegan Elizabeth Spindler:  b 03/01/88 (Syracuse, NY) d 07/08/13 (Pickstown, SD).  

Maegan was the second of three children of Susan and Gregg Spindler.  She had an older sister
and younger brother.  If we could characterize her in a few words, we’d say things like caring,
loving, sensitive, calm, artistic, adventurous, responsible and hard-working.

Early childhood and grades 1-3 were spent in Cazenovia, NY at our semi-rural home on 23 acres.  
It was here where her love of nature began.  She would explore the woods, a pond and creek and
catch frogs, fish and insects.  She was a 4 season outdoor girl.

She moved to Arizona and lived there between 1996 and 2004.  The new environment provided
ample opportunity to expand her horizons.  We had an acre lot and she staked out study plots and
proceeded to identify all the new life forms.  Camping and hiking in Arizona’s “sky islands” provided
more excitement.  She enjoyed the wide-open expanses of the American west.

The family returned to Cazenovia in 2004.  She graduated in 2006 from Cazenovia High School
and completed a BS in Wildlife Science from State University of New York – College of
Environmental Science and Forestry in 2010 and a Fisheries diploma in 2011 from Vancouver
Island University.  She was planning to start graduate school in 2014.

Maegan’s love of the natural environment and animal life had led her to the beginnings of a career
in Fisheries biology.  In 2011 and 2012 she worked for Wyoming Game and Fish in Pinedale, WY
as a fisheries technician.  Starting in March 2013, she went to work for USFWS on endangered
species recovery of pallid sturgeon in the Missouri River.  She was based out of Pierre, SD.

Her interests included art (sketches and block printing), banjo, fly fishing & tying, hiking, camping,
cooking, gardening, reading and travel.

Her memorial service was July 14, 2013 at Oran Community Church.  It was attended by over 100
friends, neighbors.  It was a beautiful celebration of the life of a beautiful young woman.
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