Services Provided by SGS...

SGS offers comprehensive statistical analysis of transmission and distribution
reliability data.  Some examples of customized projects include:

Monthly Transmission Reliability Reporting:  Publication of regular monthly
transmission reliability reports for Xcel Energy.  The monthly report breaks out
system and operating company trends and performance by voltage class and
individual circuits.

Distribution Reliability Studies:  Using feeder-level outage data, provide a
comprehensive annual report (200+ pages) of system, voltage class and feeder
reliability statistics, trend charts, root cause analysis and identification of
under-performing feeders.  Studies are performed annually for two medium-sized
utilities.  Distribution clients were Tucson Electric Power and Duquesne Light
See customized distribution deliverables.

Distribution Reliability Thresholds:  In response to public utility commission
rules, set distribution reliability thresholds for IEEE Std 1366 metrics using 10+
years of feeder level outage data.  Method used bootstrapping to set thresholds
using percentile values.

SAS software consultants.  With 20+ years experience with SAS software and its
expertise in electric reliability analysis, SGS is uniquely qualified to advise and
consult on the application of SAS software to electric transmission and
distribution systems.

Richard DeVenezia is a SAS version 9 Certified Professional.  He provides
end-user application development in a wide range of industries.  Please go to