The Spindler Family Proposal to Build “Best in Class” DUI
Enforcement in South Dakota, in memory of Maegan
Spindler, and associated documents
South Dakota DUI Trends have
flat-lined in recent years.

One picture is worth 1000 words.  All
DUI measures look the same -- no
progress in 6-7 years.
See the trend
charts here

If you or others see Governor
Daugaard  please ask him "WHY"?

On February 5 2014, he claimed DUI
reforms would not have the
"intended effect" of reducing
impaired driving and chose to do
nothing.  What would, in your
opinion, Governor?

Shame, Governor!  You get an F-plus!
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South Dakota Recent DUI Trends and Proposed Reforms  (September 16, 2014)

This document contains an analysis of recent South Dakota DUI trends and discusses the improvements
of the mid-2000s and what went wrong.   It concludes with recommended changes in law.

A Proposal to Build “Best in Class” DUI Enforcement in South Dakota, in memory of Maegan
Spindler (First version, September 10, 2013)

The following document contains our final proposals to improve DUI enforcement in South Dakota; since
South Dakota is a small state, this is attainable goal and could become a model for the entire nation.  It
proposes a dedicated revenue stream, funded by an excise tax for DUI enforcement, education and
treatment of substance abuse.  The Governor ultimately rejected all the suggestions stating they "would
not have the intended effect" of reducing DUI..

A Proposal to Build “Best in Class” DUI Enforcement in South Dakota, in memory of Maegan Spindler

Presentation slides summarizing the Spindler Family Proposal for DUI Reform

The following letter was sent to the Governor on August 9, 2013, he responded on August 26:

Letter to South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard, August 9, 2013

The Governor replied with a kind, thoughtful letter on August 26, 2013, promising a "data
driven, evidenced based" review of DUI.  We were encouraged by his reply, but ultimately he
chose to "do nothing" on February 5, 2014.  Shame!

Personal Letter from Governor Daugaard to the Spindlers (August 26, 2013)

We sent a follow-up letter to the Governor on September 10 thanking him for his positive response to our
August 9 letter.  Page 2 of this letter contains an Executive Summary of our September 10 Final Proposal.

Thank You Letter to Governor Daugaard and Executive Summary (September 10, 2013)

After 5 months, on February 5, the Governor chose to "do nothing" about DUI reform, claiming
it would not have the "intended effect" of reducing DUI.  We were mystified and disappointed.  
He chose to ignore the "evidence" and "data" provided by the NTSB.
 It was like the CEO of
Boeing or Airbus ignoring findings of the NTSB on air safety.
 Shame, Governor, Shame!

An Open Letter to Governor Daugaard and the South Dakota Senate and House (February 14,

National Transportation Safety Board  report, “Reaching Zero: Actions to Reduce
Alcohol-Impaired Driving,”
was released on May 14, 2013.  This report contains a very
detailed set of recommendations that should be adopted by all states.  We recommend that this
is the starting point for South Dakota to use in reforming DUI laws and practices:
  • 3.5 times as many die annually from DUI as did on 9/11/01.  There have been over
    160,000 DUI deaths since 9/11.  As many innocents die from DUI as on 9/11 each year.

  • South Dakota has had 11,000 DUI Casualties since 9/11

  • The United States seriously lags other advanced countries in DUI enforcement, deaths
    and injuries (why?)

  • We advocate South Dakota adopt all the recommendations contained in the May 2013
    NTSB report, “Reaching Zero: Actions to Reduce Alcohol-Impaired Driving”

  • We also propose other, equally important, DUI reforms.