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NOTE: The Mitchell Daily Republic has the best coverage, but most articles are behind a subscription

Appeal Filed by Ronald Fischer, July 29, 2015

Ronald Fischer filed an appeal to have his conviction on vehicular homicide overturned on the basis of
warrantless blood draws taken by law enforcement as the result of the US Supreme Court McNeely decision
of April 2013.  He is seeking release from prison from an already too-short sentence for killing two people,
based on a legal technicality

Commentary by Gregg Spindler (August 18, 2015):
conviction (Mitchell Republic, August 15, 2015)

Sentencing of Ronald Fischer, March 23, 2015:

Spindler Family Statement on Fischer Sentencing (March 23) (good report, but too
much blather from the defense attorney)
klumb/31976570 (includes a studio interview with our family)
homicide-laws/article_a841e156-d1df-11e4-bdce-63a11ace9f4f.html  (printed our
post-sentencing statement)
prison (includes a very good video at the courthouse)
(public radio, great written piece)

Our local weekly had one of the most complete articles:

Conviction of Ronald Ray Fischer Jr, February 4, 2015:

Statement from Gregg & Susan Spindler on the Conviction of Ronald Ray Fischer, Jr. in the killing
of Maegan Elizabeth Spindler and Dr. Robert Alan Klumb in Pickstown, SD on July 8, 2013

Syracuse.Com (February 6, 2015)

Interview of Gregg Spindler on KELO TV (Feb 5, 2015)

Associated Press (appeared in many papers, this from Washington Times February 5, 2013)

Pierre Capital Journal (February 5, 2015)

Mitchell Daily Republic (February 5, 2015):

Trial of Ronald Fischer, DAY 1:  

Witnesses testify about crash that killed Klumb, Spindler
(Mitchell Republic September 29, 2014)

Parents Express 'Anguish' As Ron Fischer Jr. Trial Begins (KELO TV)

Peaceful Demonstration Against Drugs & Alcohol outside the courthouse (KELO TV)

Trial of Ronald Fischer, DAY 2:  

Driver's brake response slow, expert testifies (Mitchell Republic September 30, 2014)

Ron Fischer Jr. Trial Ends (KLDT TV)

Victim's Family Hears Trial After DUI Crash (South Dakota Public Broadcasting, October 1, 2014)

Crash victim’s father: 11,000 SD families since 2001 are “DUI casualties” (Pierre Capital Journal,
October 3, 2014)

MUST READ!  Profile of Maegan and Rob and the many twists and turns leading to the trial
(Mitchell Republic September 27, 2014)

The Many Tortuous Turns and Legal Maneuvers in the Case:

Judge: Blood draws OK in Charles Mix County case (Mitchell Daily Republic, September 4, 2014)

Double-fatal crash trial rescheduled to July 21 (Mitchell Daily Republic, March 6, 2014)‎

Lawyer seeks to block blood evidence in fatal Pickstown DUI case (Mitchell Republic, November
23, 2013)

Judge: DUI still a crime (Mitchell Republic, November 20, 2013)

‘DUI is legal’ argument has been tried 17 times in SD cases (Mitchell Republic, November 8, 2013)

Lawyer claims driving drunk legal after Legislature changed laws (Mitchell Republic, Oct 24, 2013)

Vehicular homicide charges in dispute in Pickstown crash (Mitchell Republic, Sep 9, 2013)

News Release from the South Dakota Attorney General's Office about the indictment of Ronald P.
Fischer in the killing of Maegan Spindler and Robert Klumb (August 8, 2013)

News Articles from Summer 2013:

Cazenovia woman's life snuffed out too soon by a drunk driver, her father says (
July 12, Syracuse Post-Standard print July 14)

After Pickstown: Area remembers Fish & Wildlife Service researchers killed in car crash (Pierre
SD Capital Journal July 26, 2013)

This goes under the heading "you can't make this stuff up" -- read the quotes from the SD state
police spokesman Lt. Welsh.  Fischer's days of freedom created great distress for us and the
reasons it happened are appalling (Argus Leader, $$$ paywall):

KELO TV Interview with Gregg & Susan Spindler (aired July 31):

KSFY TV Interview with Gregg & Susan Spindler (aired August 1):

From the Pierre Capital Journal, Ron Fischer's indictment on 2 counts first degree manslaughter
and a brief take on our DUI reform ideas (August 9, 2013):