SGS Statistical Services is the leader in statistical analysis of
electric transmission and distribution reliability...

SGS Transmission Reliability Benchmarking Study

Since 1995, the SGS Statistical Services Transmission Reliability Benchmarking Study
has set the standard for transmission reliability benchmarking in the US.  Our Study
offers the most
complete and detailed system and voltage class reliability performance
comparisons available in any benchmarking forum.  

  The SGS Study - imitated, but never replicated!

New Features are Coming in the 2019 SGS Study!

In 2019, SGS’s time-tested, proven SAS® outputs are now fully integrated with easy-to-
use Tableau® to provide a whole new level of reporting and exploration of reliability

Customized Statistical Analysis of Transmission and Distribution Reliability Data

SGS provides clients detailed, customized analysis of T&D reliability data.  This
includes customized third-party annual, quarterly or monthly reports, special
projects, probabilistic risk assessment and general transmission industry
performance statistics.

SGS is a SAS Institute ® Alliance Silver Partner.

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SGS Statistical Services
SGS Statistical Services
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